Afternoon Coffee

Afternoon coffee is a blog designed to give you a free boost without the caffeine. It can get difficult in your everyday journey, and 3PM is the time that we need to be invigorated. I noticed throughout my years in corporate America the lines for coffee are just as long at 3PM than at 8AM. People are searching for energy in the wrong places!

Words are seeds that are planted in our spirits and souls to harvest. We allow many words to come into our hearts and spirits that we do not want to bring into manifestation. I’m here to plant the seed of inspiration.

I pray that you are blessed and spread the free Afternoon Coffee!


3 responses to “Afternoon Coffee

  1. Great blog! Well written and inspiring.

    Continued success and blessings.


  2. Nice job! Very well said! I can’t wait for my next afternoon coffee break

  3. Exquisitely written and extremely inspirational.

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