The News Vs. The Good News

As I sit back in my regular seat heading to work on the train, I begin to notice my fellow business cohorts open up their large, folded, black and white prints called, The Newspaper. They open the paper to determine what the stocks are going to be, what the weather will be for the week, and what has happened in ‘yesterday’s news’.

Personally, I love reading the WSJ and Advertising Age, as that is my field of interest. However, my routine had to be changed. I began to pick up the word of God, before I picked up the newspaper. Why? I believe that the world’s newspapers are a form of prophecy. It tells you what to expect in the economy, what fields to go into, what stocks to invest in, and the weather for the winter….yet, it is still fall. That becomes an issue when our images becomes the world’s predictions. Yes, be informed, but be informed from God’s will first. He tells us that we can change the weather, he tells us that we can change our financial situation, he tells us what to invest in. Therefore, we speak OVER the news, and not take the news as the guide for our lives.

Pray for the nations & communities that we read about, including our own. But let God be the headliner in the news. His image will change our image of poverty that the media paints into our spirits. How many times have I received  messages via email, FB, Twitter, 20/20, 60 Minutes, regarding the devastation and the dwindling numbers of the Black family? Well, if I make that my faith and reality, guess what….I’ll be single until I die! I didn’t believe that I would be apart of the economic recession and I’m in marketing! Usually the first thing that people cut in business is advertising and marketing! However, I had personal clients AND a career during the worst time in America’s economy. I’ve not been without a job since I was 16! So, why should I believe the news about my marriage, my finances, and the weather for the day! I can say to the storm…’Peace be still’, I can confess ‘Let the weak say that I am strong’, I will declare “I am a lender and not the borrower”.

Again, be informed, but make sure that the foundation is the word of the Kingdom and we will begin to change the headlines in the news as opposed to letting the headlines change us! Amen??? Amen! 🙂

God bless!


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