Solitary Refinement

Happy Monday all!

I am known to be somewhat of a social butterfly. I was usually in trouble in grade school for passing notes, talking to my girlfriends beyond the allowance of freedom. Well, today it is the same for me! I still love speaking and communicating with people more than anything! I love diverse backgrounds, & the amazing stories of poeple. 

I know God has made me this way for a reason, however, at times He has called me to be alone with Him….and only Him. This is what I like to call “Solitary Refinement”. We must understand that there are times in our life that we must consult God for ourselves. We can’t depend on a prophet, a pastor, our parents, or friends. What God will do, when you are truly called of Him, is call you alone!

This is where the sanctification process begins. Sanctify means to set apart or consecrate for spiritual reason. Setting yourself apart from those around you is not a social experience. It is YOU and GOD. Your Grandparents may have called it their prayer closet, shut in’s, etc. A time where you commune with your Holy Father and let him give you insight and direction for your destiny.

I don’t believe there is enough sanctification in the body today. I’m not saying that ALL of your free time has to be dedicated to word, but we must build ourselves up in the Lord, before we step out into the world.

Refinement is defined as the following: to make or become free from impurities, sediment, or other foreign matter; purify. Unfortunately, when we are amongst our brethren or in the world we may begin to pick up impurities in the spirit. Our gates to our spirit are our eyes, ears, & mouth. Therefore, if we begin to spend time with our Father, we can clearly understand the impurities in the spirit. But, if we never spend time alone with our father, we will never understand or discern what is not of Him. There can be a word that has gone forth from your Pastor, a Prophet, a Teacher, your Parents, or friends that is NOT of God. However, if we are submitted completely to God, and know His voice, we can discern the words of our Father. Jesus said in John 10:27-28, “My sheep listen to my voice, I know them, and they follow me. I  give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one can snatch them out of my hand.” How awesome is that? If you listen to his voice, and obey there will be NO false prophet or teacher that can deceive you!

This is so necessary in every area of our lives. What career should I chose, what man shall I date, what book should I write, how should I pray, which friend can I trust, which pastor should I listen to? We can all receive these answers from God. Take time to worship Him apart from Sunday 11-1PM, Amen? Apart from listening to telecasts on tv or on the web. The Pastors on television or in your pulpit have received revelation by spending time with God. He can provide revelation in your life as well, right down to your specific situation. Pastor’s are necessary, please don’t get me wrong. However, we have a responsibility as well. If we are in true fellowship with the Father, it could even alter the service you are attending to minister directly to you!

This my friends takes time. Turn the television off, the radio off, the I-Pod off, Facebook (ooooooooooooooh that’s a struggle for muah, lol). He said, seek first His kingdom and all of those desires will be granted. I may add that your desires would even be changed once you seek the KINGDOM of God first. That career or client that you thought was so important a week ago, may not be aligned for your true destiny. That man or woman you once desired, may not be from God. We will not know these things unless we commune with God alone. Devote yourself to at LEAST 15 minutes if this is new to you or if you have a hectic schedule. Here is the thing I’ve noticed, your schedule may become less hectic once you seek the kingdom. Your desire to be everywhere and do everything will be turned around. God calls you to be at a certain place during a certain time. Esther was appointed by the TIMING of God. We can have all the skills, looks, and money…but the timing of God is what produces supernatural manifestations. What we are toiling for, can be produced in one day if we follow the commands of the Lord. Commandments exceed his 10 Laws, he may command you to go over your Mother’s house and pray with her, or speak to a co-worker, or forgive a friend.

Luke 5:16-17: But Jesus often went into the wilderness to pray.  5:16, and he “Spend night praying ” before choosing the 12 disciples. He was “Praying in private” before he asked the disciples an important question (9:18); at his transfiguration he climbed the mountain to pray (9:28). These prayers in private and desolate places preceded healings and epic decisions! Wow! What a testimony to praying in private with God.

I hope that we can all find more time for God. He is the way, the truth, and the light. He will direct our paths and show His face once we make Him a priority, not a religious duty. I pray that this week, we will see productivity abound due to our dedication to Christ and His Kingdom! I love you all and Amen!


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