Prophetic Word for the Women of the Kingdom!

I posted this about two years ago, but it is still very relevant today!

Living Word Christian Center

Women’s Conf

April 24th, 2009:

I have called you to be women of influence, women of love, and women of glory.  Women who will impact the nation and pave the way for the glory of your God and for the miraculous that I have waited so long to do.  But such a call is not for the faint-hearted.  Such a call is not for the double-minded.  Such a call is not for the immature.  Such a call is not for the disobedient.  And I must tell you tonight, my daughters, that the time, the time is at hand.  The time when you must choose how deeply you desire to be what I have called you to be and to see what I desire to do through you fulfilled.  Now is the time when you must choose-when the line must be drawn and you must choose to consecrate or to compromise.  Now is the time where sitting and indecision can be no longer.  For there is no more time.  My purposes and my plans must be accomplished.  The mission must be fulfilled and though I have called you, I cannot and I will not force you to be what I have called you to be.  I will not force myself upon you so that I may work through you.  As much as I desire to see my plans fulfilled, I force no man.  And so it is that you must choose, you must choose to consecrate or to compromise.  You must choose to lay aside every weight that would hold you back.  You must choose to no longer let the cares of this life and of this world pull you in two different directions.  You must choose that for once and for all, you will consecrate yourself to me and enable me to work in you all that is necessary for my purposes to be accomplished through you.  And this is no easy task, for though the spirit is willing, the flesh is weak.  But my grace is sufficient.  My anointing is sufficient.  My glory is sufficient and my word is sufficient.  But I cannot make the choice for you my daughters; I cannot.  And so this night, to each and every one of you who have gathered here, who sing of me being glorified in the earth and sing of your love for me.  To each of you personally I say unto you this night, choose, choose!  Will you consecrate yourself to me and pledge with all your heart, that from this day forward you will no longer draw back from what I ask you to do.  You will no longer draw back from maturity when it isn’t comfortable, but that the highest priority of your heart will be to love me and to see my purposes and plans accomplished for you and through you.  You must choose.  You must choose.  Each of you must choose.  And this night I set before you to consecrate or to compromise; to consecrate yourself to me once and for all.  No turning back.  No wavering.  No conditions.  For to compromise not only the call I have upon you, but the mission that I so desire to accomplish through you.  Choose you this night my daughters and know, know that to each of you who chooses consecration shall it be a new day dawning in which a new anointing shall come upon you and you will walk in a new level of glory and a new level of grace that you have never before experienced.  For those who consecrate themselves to me can never be found lacking.  Those who consecrate themselves to me will always become what I desire for them to become and will always have what I desire them to have and will always fulfill every dot of what I have purposed and planned for them and through them.  I love you my daughters!  But I ask of you this night, do not think that this can be set aside again.  Do not think that you can waver.  Do not think that you can put off until tomorrow what I ask you to do tonight.  For the time is at hand.  The time is crucial and there is no longer time for you to sit in indecision, to sit in neutral and to think that you can choose to be neither hot nor cold.  Now is the time my daughters.  Now is the time.  And tonight I see the answer; I will know the answer of each of your hearts and it will determine the course of your life from this night forward.  It will determine the depth of your relationship with me from this night forward.  Choose my daughters, choose consecration, for there is nothing to fear.  There is nothing at all to fear.  For all that I have planned for you and to do through you is above and beyond all that you have ever asked or imagined.  Choose my daughters and in choosing, choose consecration that your destiny may be fulfilled.

Will you spirit still say Yes? There is more that I require of thee…


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