Your Children are Fruitful….CONGRATULATIONS!

I came to this revelation as my spiritual gift was born into the body of Christ. I had a feeling that I have not had since I was 11 years old. At 11, I began my menstrual cycle. I was so ashamed, I felt guilty, as I had found a new truth in my life. I had become a WOMAN! While the other girls were jumping around & turning double dutch, I saw the world completely different. I had entered into a world of no return. My mother treated me differently, and my grandmother had ‘the talk’ with me. I felt as though I had went into another level of nature and no one could understand me. That is exactly what happened in the spirit.

God likened the fruitfulness of the body of Christ to a woman’s reproductive cycle. As we enter into the Kingdom as born again believers we have broken the blood over our lives to become fruitful. The blood of Christ, is the covering and the word of God is semen. We have no other choice but to be impregnated with possibility and destiny once we enter into the kingdom with God with a given word. We may be barren based upon the seed that was implanted and the environment in which we place our pregnant gift. In the natural, if we smoke, stress, drink alcohol, yell, or scream; studies show that the child has issues due to the stress that the mother has placed unto the child. The same happens in the spirit. The stress you place on your gift by allowing external factors to come into your spirit, will affect your gift, your destiny, & your purpose in Christ Jesus.

We must nurture our pregnant purpose by eating the bread of life,  drinking the water of God, and basking in the Sun. Food nourishes our bodies with proper and sustaining nutrients, as water cleanses us, while sun provides light. The same is for the spirit. We need to be cleansed with a washing of the word. If you have ever been on a detox, you understand what a sudden influx of water will do to your system. You don’t realize you have as much waste in your system. Things that have been in our bodies begin to be released with the natural properties of water. The same is in the spirit. Create in me a clean heart oh God, and renew in me a right spirit. This cleansing comes with the word. The word nourishes our spirit, cleanses, and provides a light unto the direction in which we shall take our gifts. In the beginning was the word, and the word was God, and the word was with God.

Some of us abort our gifts by choice. We have the fruit in our wombs, yet we negate the will and call of God on our lives by simply or not so simply, walking away. God says, if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. Seek the face of God, He will then speak to you and begin to multiply into your life again.

I have recently given birth in the spirit (yay)! 🙂 It came in a dream. I had the most beautiful baby girl in all of the planet! She had a porcelain doll face, and did not have signature eyes like my family….the Gillespie’s! This meaning was that my ministry would not be the same ministry that my family has had. (not better or worse), but it would come in a different form. The baby began to seek my breast for food.  I had this baby on my own, without my family, but I still showed them and they were very proud. From there, I began to travel with the child, and as soon as I began to travel with the child (my purpose), a hater arose and began to criticize me for traveling with my baby/purpose. So, I now understand through revelation that my purpose will not resemble my family or friends, but will resemble the promise & WORD of God. Your purpose is so unique that others will not understand, but that is okay. You will have to KNOW that God spoke to you specifically and that He has anointed you to prosper and fulfill your destiny in Christ Jesus. I’m not sure how your child/ministry/calling will look, but I know it will be beautiful, and unlike any other gift in the Kingdom. It is just for you and it has so much promise! Lastly, as I looked into the mirror in my dream, I saw my body had been stretched with stretch marks. I was sooooooooooooo upset, LOL! God spoke to me and said that the stretching of the skin and the stretch marks represent the stretching in the spirit that I had to endure along with the pain. Your purpose was birthed in pain and trails and suffering. But, I’m sure after pushing in labor for hours, that the baby/gift was well worth it!

For some, there is menopause in the body of Christ. Where they were once fruitful, their womb has been shut due to aging in the spirit. Though your outer man perish, your inner man shall be renewed day by day! Some have allowed their inner man to perish just like their outer!  Get in the word for yourself! The ministry you were in last season, the seeds that you have sown last year, may not be the same seeds you need to sow this year. Amen! This is the time to do a new thing in Christ. I don’t care about the age, you are relevant in the body!

Hallelujah! God wants to make us all fruitful! Produce for the body! Decree and declare your purpose and begin to meditate on the promises of God. He loves you and wants you to do mighty works! Bishop Oyedepo of Nigeria declared that 2011 was the year of CONGRATULATIONS! My ministry was born in 2011! CONGRATULATIONS! You conceived in 2011! CONGRATULATIONS! Your ministries are growing! CONGRATULATIONS! The children that you lost, have been returned! CONGRATULATIONS! The dead has come to life! CONGRATULATIONS!


4 responses to “Your Children are Fruitful….CONGRATULATIONS!

  1. Glad you were blessed Pastor! 🙂

  2. Awesome word lil sis!

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