Revelation of Royalty

I have been listening to a sermon from Pastor Winston titled, “The Revelation of Royalty”, for about 2 years. This message brings a different light every time I listen to it.

There is a documentary called “Dark Girls” coming out later this year. The trailer highlights the ills in the African-American Community. It highlights the intra-skin color discrimination of darker skinned women. It’s amazing that the earth that our God created, he placed a people for each climate, a culture that surrounds his creation, and we use this to separate ourselves as opposed to appreciate our differences. Being an African-American woman, while working in corporate America, and being single….believe me, the ‘statistics’ and discrimination has made my spirit heavy on occasion.

However, this is the breakthrough! The breakthrough does not lie in separating or assimilating, it lies in your identity as a believer of the most high! You are a Child of God with a purpose and a divine destiny, before you are a man, woman, yellow, black, or white. That is where your power, strength, and salvation originates, not your culture. Your culture should be enjoyed; the clothes, song, dance, food, etc, are all placed here as a portion of the abundance God has given this earth. However, do not let your culture place a cap on who WE ALL truly are in Christ Jesus. He has given us DOMINION over the foul of the air and the birds of the sea. Not because we are black, white, or hispanic, but because we are Children of the Most high. He said “Ye are gods”. He has created us in His image, before we were made in the image of our parents, or grandparents. Yes, I look like my Mom and Dad, but I also look like my FATHER…ABBA FATHER, in the spirit.

We are to imitate our Father, and identify with the maker before anyone. I see so many getting depressed or placing a superiority over themselves because of the group they associate themselves with. When you associate yourself with the Kingdom, a shift occurs in your thinking, and actions. Become the King/Queen God has intended for you to be, today. Meditating on the truth that you were not just created by your parents seed, but by the seed of God, you were intended to be as a tree of righteousness. Planted to grow, produce fruit, shade those from the heat, you protect those growing underneath you, while looking to those that have been planted before you.

Be blessed, for WE are trees of righteousness, WE A R E ROYALTY! Greater is He that is IN me, than he that is in the World!



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