Receiving from God

“Are you ready to receive”? I heard that clearly one Sunday morning. I opened my arms and held them outstretched as an act of accepting my new blessings. Although I thought it was obvious, ‘Who wouldn’t be ready to receive from the Lord”? Receiving the blessings that you have been praying for is NOT an easy task. I researched the word receive: to support the weight or pressure of ,  to act as a receptacle or container for.

 The scripture says that you can’t place new wine into an old wine skin. This would cause it to break!  If my mind was not renewed, it would be difficult for me to receive! God didn’t want me to confess “You can’t receive because you aren’t ready”, he wanted me to work on renewing while receiving. It is akin to my marathon training. Stretching while I worked out! I break in the middle of my long distance runs to stretch. Why? So that my muscles can receive more flexibility and won’t lock! God is stretching me in  this season! It hurts to stretch at times, especially when you have been in one position for awhile, even while being active! But, the funny thing about stretching is that the warmer the temperature, the easier it is to stretch your muscles. God is refining me, by placing my mind, spirit, and body through the fire to place me in maximum capacity of my life!

I hope that this revelation of RECEIVING may assist you in your journey. Receiving is not as simple as holding your hand out, it requires a mind renewal to receive the gifts of the Lord. For HE SAID, “My ways are not your ways, and my thoughts are not YOUR thoughts”.  You must RENEW TO RECEIVE!


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