The Healing of God-Seek First the Kingdom…

I have been guilty of not confessing the testimony of my deliverance from cancer to ALL that know me. I was stricken with the threat of cancer in July. I was so amazingly scared, yet I trusted Him. I put out an email confessing that I was healed of this threat to my friends and family before the doctor gave me the final results. Through this attempt, I found the benefits of a Vegan lifestyle. I found that the food that I had been eating could have been the cause of my cells. It doesn’t just start with the food for the body, but the food of the spirit as well. Many diseases can start with your spirit. The things you allow to enter your spirit, mind and body can affect you and threaten your life. I decided to make a conscious effort to not allow people, situations, food addictions, and setbacks to rule my life.

I was mid way through training for the Chicago Marathon in July, but at that time I found new purpose in my running. It wasn’t enough to run for a charity, but God had me running for my life and the life of all those around me. I ran 26.2 miles to save my life. Every mile represented a disappointment in my life and others that I was taking back in the name of Jesus.

Lack of forgiveness and taking offense in life will allow bitterness and disease of the mind, body, and spirit to set in.  In the book of Luke: Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven.

Jesus stated that Christians will be offended in the last days, yet He wants us to walk in love and deny offense by laying it aside. Offense is like a shield that is put between God and your spirit. Who has offended you? Why have they done this? It is not a war of flesh, but a spiritual battle. Pray for those who deceive you, who hurt you, who have talked behind your back and manipulated you. God loves them as well. He wants them to be a testimony of your intercession. The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, therefore we have no right to take on the responsibility of God. I am not paying your bills, because I don’t live in your house. God is not asking you to find a way on your own to accomplish the iniquities of this world. He has given us dominion THROUGH Him, and He will perform a mighty work. A trumpet can not sound without your breath and energy, it will only be a beautiful dormant brass instrument until you take it in your hand, press your lips against the brass mouth opening, and blow with all your might.  God is that to us. He will breathe into us, we will make a joyful sound that is sent right back to heaven. If He isn’t blowing air into us…who is?  

Because of my faith, I am healed and I have no cancer in my body. I am at peace with what God has planned for my life and I am a living testimony of placing my feet in the water. The water doesn’t part until you step in it!

Lastly, apart from my testimony, I would like to share what the Holy Spirit gave to me at 3AM this morning:

My words are like water my eyes are as fire. As you breathe you begin to consume light. As I see you perform my commandments you will be lifted high. The promotion of the Lord is necessary through faith. Those who come against you shall know that I’m surely God. In these last days men will be lovers of themselves, false prophets, envious, & rebellious. Their days shall be short & cold. I have called you to have favor with the King so that you may bring justice to all who have been afflicted. God is watching over you as a Mother to her young. He will bless you with jewels of wisdom and diamonds of revelation. For they are all hidden in nature and given under the pressures of the most High. He is love, He is light, He is truth, He is wisdom, He is the Word. You have turned from your wicked ways, now you shall hear from heaven. He will not hold any good thing from you, because you have shown yourself to be a good servant. God shall repay you for all you have lost in battle. He will bless you with long days & your family with the same. Walk in love, speak in peace. For the ways of the transgressors are hard. You have seen the darkness & the light has no end. God will be with you all the days of your life & through eternity. Heaven is open because your heart is pure. Heaven is raining this day because your heart is as gold. You have been refined by the Lord & He is well pleased with His work. You are His model of perfection. He sees you as a mirror of grace as a ray of the Sun. Beaming to the ends of the earth, shining upon waters gracing the Land for growth. Reflecting on the streams and sent back to Heaven from whence it came. You were sent to this earth as the purpose of breath & to renew life. You are as a tree giving oxygen to every living being. You are blessed & you are whole. You are forgiven as you hold no contempt for your brother. You are here as God has planned. You will move higher on this day because you ran the race with fervor & passion that He desires. God is not to be mocked, He has created a good thing in you & it shall be completed.

He also said seek my face….but what is on a face? A MOUTH (HIS WORD), A NOSE (TO DISCERN), EYES (TO SEE), EARS (TO HEAR), HAIR (TO PROTECT AGAINST THE ENVIRONMENT). Seek His word, His discernment, His vision, His empowerment to Hear, His protection.

Thank you for your Word Holy Spirit. Thank You Father! Thank you Jesus for your Blood. Amen!


4 responses to “The Healing of God-Seek First the Kingdom…

  1. WOW Tif! What a testimony! Congrats in surviving these storms that you have encountered in your life. I’m glad that you shared this and I hope that you continue to keep talking about your testimony to others.

    Over the last couple of years I’ve mastered “the food of the body” but I struggle with dealing with “the food of the spirit.” I have held in a lot of anger and resentment toward certain individuals in my life who have done me wrong. I am now realizing that not dealing with the food of the spirit can be deadly. I’m ready to start making some changes!

  2. Thank you. this is wonderful and encouraging. As I go through my own battle with my health and a family history that doctors says make me very likely to get something, this just reminds me to keep my faith in the greatest and only true healer. I am not sure yet what it is but with this being the third time in one day that I heard “you have to step in the water” , this is my confirmation that something big is about to happen if I just step in the water. So thank you thank you for sharing this.

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