The Salt Truck of Prayer

As many of you know, the winters in Chicago are brutal! It is even worse to travel through the storms to get to your destination. While driving home the other night a storm was on its way and that’s when God clearly spoke to me…

“Do you see how these massive Mack trucks are laying salt on the ground before the slick snow storm; well that is your prayer life”

The salt is the substance that is laid and intended for storms. So when the whirl winds hit in combination with ice and sleet, it will not be able to withstand the substance that came before it. It has to leave for our safe travels. 

Prayer is the foundation God has given us for our lives, and it will be the salt for storms to come.  There is not a question on IF you will go through obstacles, but WHEN.

Now when I travel, I won’t slide out of control as in my previous accidents. I will have safe & blessed journeys all the days of my life in Jesus’ name.

Halleluiah Amen!


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