Who is your Judas?

There were always negative thoughts to follow the name of Judas, one of the twelve disciples chosen by Christ. Today, I know Judas to be more significant than any other disciple’s mission.  He turned over Jesus to the arresting soldiers of the High Priest Caiaphas, who then turned Jesus over to Pontius Pilate’s soldiers. This in turn led to Christ’s death and resurrection to save us from our sins.

Who is on your team that has betrayed you? Who has hurt you, abused you, and lied to you? Do you forgive and love them in spite of? Do you understand that they were needed to take you to your next level?

At this moment, feelings of anger rise up in my heart when I think of those who have thrown me to the side or simply tried to stop the growth of my life. However, the logic of knowing God’s plan makes it that much easier to sleep at night and have peace with who these people are.

In some cases we are our own Judas. We have betrayed and robbed ourselves out of what we truly deserve. Know who you are inside and out, at that point we can focus on mastering and overcoming our strengths and weaknesses.

The enemy wants you to hate yourself for not doing what you were set out to do, or to hate others who have held you back.  

WAKE UP and smell the haters around you (or in you)! They are here and will not leave this earth. Don’t envy others who have succeeded, learn! How will you utilize them to take you to your next level?

God used Judas to save the world of sin! God used Jane to save you from _____? God used Donovan to save you from___? God used that ex-mate to bring you ____? God used that old boss/job to take you___?

Thank you Lord for all my haters and congratulators for they were placed in my presence to bring me to my destiny.

Hallelujah and Amen!


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